1. thomasprior:

    shrimp cook outtake, new orleans


  2. plant-scans:

    Fragile Staghorn Coral, Acropora, Northwest Island, The Great Barrier Reef, Allan Power 1969

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  3. stephaniegonot:

    Shelly’s London boots for Nasty Gal. Always happy to shoot fruit. :)


  4. likeafieldmouse:

    Govaert Flinck - Head of a Black Man (1640)


  5. sam rollinson wears damir doma for self service ss14, photographed by jamie hawkesworth

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  7. blastedheath:

    Eric Sloane (American, 1905-1985), Sailing Under Stormy Sky. Oil on masonite, 28 x 36 in.

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  8. blastedheath:

    Konstantin Stoitzner (Austrian, 1863-1934), Gehöft und Blumengarten im Sommer [Farm and flower meadow in summer]. Oil on canvas, 69 x 96 cm.

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  9. blastedheath:

    Alfons Walde (Austrian, 1891-1958), Häuser im Gebirge [Houses in the mountains], 1932. Oil on board, 32.7 x 52 cm.

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  10. lurknyc:

    buildings burning